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Ontario Fishing & Hunting Regulations

It is always appreciated to know before you arrive what you can expect, what processes need to be followed, the details and changes that have occurred over the winter so that there are no surprises and that your check-ins are stress and hassle-free.

Fishing Licence and Outdoors Card

All anglers fishing in Ontario waters are now required to purchase at the time of licencing, both an Outdoors Card along with a Fishing Licence of their choice ** See the information below and is based on 2024 rates.

  • Non Resident 1 Yr. Sport Fishing Tag:  $94.00 Cdn. or approx. $75.80 U.S. funds
    Non Resident 8 Day Sport Fishing Tag: $61.45 Cdn. or approx. $49.56 U.S. funds
    Possession Limit  of 4 Walleye, 4 Northern Pike, 4 Smallmouth Bass & 2 Lake Trout.
    ** Exception to the above applies to Smallmouth Bass – prior to July 1st possession limit is 2 and both  must be under 13.75 inches.  Muskie – zero possession limit on Lac Seul
  • Non Resident 1 Yr. Conservation Tag:  $59.56 Cdn. or approx. $48.03 U.S. funds
    Non Resident 8 Day Conservation Tag: $35.62 Cdn. or approx. $28.72 U.S. funds
    Possession Limit of 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 2 Smallmouth Bass, 1 Lake Trout.
  • Canadian Resident 1 Yr. Sport Fishing Tag: $63.06
    Possession Limit of 4 Walleye, 4 Northern Pike, 4 Smallmouth Bass & 2 Lake Trout
  • Canadian Resident 1 Yr. Conservation Fishing Tag: $37.78
    Possession Limit of 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 2 Smallmouth Bass & 2 Lake Trout
  • Temporary Canadian/Non Resident Outdoors Card: $9.68 Cdn. or approx. $7.80 U.S.

All non-residents of Ontario require an Outdoors Card and current Fishing Licence.  Non-residents under the age of 18 may fish without a license if accompanied by a licensed adult family member.  Any fish caught are part of the limit of the person with the licence.

For those guests that fished in Ontario over the past few years and have received an Outdoors Card (plastic card) please bring it with you on your return trip to fish with us in 2024 – it will save you an additional $9.68 in licencing fees. For those guests that have been unable to join us for the past couple of years or for guests new to our camp that have not fished in Ontario, we will issue you a Temporary Outdoors Card along with your fishing licence tag and you will then receive a permanent Outdoors card in the mail for future trips.

You do have the option of purchasing your Ontario Fishing Licence on-line prior to your arrival and you can do so by clicking on the Ministry of Natural Resources Licensing website.  For all others, we would be more than happy to prepare your licences for you upon your arrival.


We open for the fishing season on the 3rd Saturday in May for Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout. Angling for Muskellunge opens the 3rd Saturday in June and our fishing season for all species ends in early October. Our Fall Bear Hunt occurs the first two weeks in September, our Fall “Cast n’ Blast” – Fishing/Grouse Hunting packages are available starting September 15th and our Moose Hunt is conducted the second week in October.

We are asked quite often what the fishing regulations are in our area and if guests can take fish home (this is because many outfitters do not allow you to take fish home at the end of your trip.) Our answer to that is YES! When fishing with Anderson’s, you are given choices in the type of licence you purchase. The type of licence will in turn determine how many fish you can take home and the time of year that you choose to fish determines what species are available. In the Sioux Lookout District, we are fortunate to have lake management plans based on current biology which has determined that selective harvest is acceptable and still leaves the fisheries in great shape, providing great angling opportunities for years to come. Listed above are the types of licences, the limits applied and the current pricing.

Additional catch and possession regulations apply to area lakes and can be reviewed in the Ontario Sport Fishing Regulations.

General Hunting and Firearm Information

  • The possession of handguns for hunting or personal protection is prohibited in Canada. Firearms (shot guns and rifles) are only allowed to be carried if there is a hunting season occurring.  Registration of the firearm is required when crossing the border.  For your convenience we will mail you the required forms for declaring your firearms for your entry into Canada. There is available Pre-Arrival Processing for firearms, which can save you time in crossing the border. This pre-processing is available either at Fort Frances, Ontario or at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario border crossings only. For this procedure please contact Canada Customs in Fort Frances at 807-274-3655, ext. 240. For regular processing and registration, we will mail you the registration form and recommend that you fill out the declaration before you arrive to save some time. However, note that the form must be signed in front of the Customs Officer at the point of entry. The fee for your Firearm Declaration is $25.00 in Canadian funds and will be payable at the time of submitting your forms. Should you have any questions about the form, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in filling it out.
  • Customs officials will check your firearm. To assist in as little delays as possible, we recommend that you have your valid hunting license from another state or province and if you have – a license to own the firearm. There are no restrictions on the amount of ammunition brought into Canada except for bulk quantities over 5000 rounds.
  • In order for you to obtain an Ontario hunting license you must produce a valid or expired hunting license from another province or state, which you must also carry with you while hunting in Canada. To allow us to prepare your Canadian license ahead of time, please send a clear photocopy of your existing license. The license must have a serial number, the state or province it was issued in and the date of issue.
  • You are required by law to wear full block hunter orange. The minimum requirement is a ball cap and a vest. Please note that Camo Orange is not legal.

For clarification or further information please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulation Summary that will be mailed to all guests who choose to hunt with us. This summary is also available online at the Ministry of Natural Resources website.