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Exchange Rates

We charge in Canadian dollars and pay our American guests a fair rate of exchange on their dollar – something we have done for over 50 years!  If you are comparing package pricing, pay close attention to the fact that many of our competitors have their rates in U.S. currency, effectively pocketing the high exchange rate rather than passing it on to customer where it belongs! Really, are they taking care of you or taking care of themselves?

We have illustrated our package rates in Canadian dollars and show the approximate cost in U.S. funds, based on a stronger exchange rate.  But guess what? For our American guests, the U.S. dollar has regained strength (at the time of publishing our rates, the sell rate was .26 cents on the dollar) and as we anticipate it getting stronger we will continue to pay a fair rate of exchange, giving you added value for your dollar!

Unlike many lodges, we do accept cheques  ~ both personal and company, cash and credit cards – Visa, Master Card and Discover.  These choices ensure complete flexibility and convenience to our guests, allowing them to pay in whichever currency and by whatever means they choose.  Do other camps offer you choices?  We think not!

It’s no secret that we are in times of constant change – change these days means increased costs of insurance & hydro, rising gasoline prices, rising food costs, adapting to Co-vid 19 related operating protocol and a marketplace trying to position itself in a global economy !

Despite these changes Anderson’s Lodge continues to work hard for our guests and as usual, providing first class fishing vacations priced without question – the best value for your money in the industry!