Tips for Catching Lake Trout in the Ontario Fall

Ontario Lake Trout FishingAs the leaves change and the air turns crisp, we’re officially nearing another beautiful Ontario autumn. There’s a certain magic to fall fishing, but there are challenges unique to the season as well. And if you’re like most anglers, you’re itching to reel in some impressive Lake Trout during this season. Take note of the following advice and you may just do so:

Embrace the Chill

Seek the Depths

Lake Trout tend to look for cool, deep water. Use a fish finder or depth map to locate those drop-offs and underwater structures where Lake Trout might be lurking. Look for areas around submerged reefs or underwater cliffs and be prepared to fish in water as deep as 40 to 100 feet.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Fall is not the time for rapid movements. Lake Trout become less active in colder waters, so your retrieval speed should match their lethargic behavior. Jigging with slow, deliberate movements and allowing your bait to linger at different depths can be particularly effective. You want to make it easy for these cold-water predators to strike.

Time of Day Matters

In the fall, Lake Trout are often more active during the early morning or late afternoon when the water is slightly warmer due to the sun’s angle. Use this to your advantage by planning your fishing trips during these prime windows of opportunity.

Bait and Lure Selection

Downsize Your Baits

In the chilly waters of fall, Lake Trout can be more selective with their prey. Consider using smaller baits or lures to match the smaller forage available.

Experiment with Colors

The colors of your lures matter more than you might think. In the fall, opt for natural and subtle hues like silvers, whites, and pale blues. These colors imitate the appearance of the Lake Trout’s prey in the colder waters.

Add Some Flash

Lake Trout are curious creatures, and a little flash can go a long way. Use lures with reflective surfaces or spinner rigs to catch their attention and trigger strikes.

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