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Meet Your Professional Service Team

Anderson's Lodge Management
Jackie Duhamel (Owner), Jody Morin ( Owner), Meredith Culham ( Manager), Aaron Haagsma (Maintenance), Rick Young ( Manager)
We believe the key ingredient to a successful business is “people”.

We attribute our success over the years to dedication and the sense of pride all of our staff has brought with them. We are committed to ensuring your vacation experience is as it should be, perfect! We know you have waited all year or maybe this is a once in a lifetime trip, and to us these months of anticipation must not only be met but exceeded!

We know we have done our job right when guests reserve dates for the following season upon their departure and when they thank us for our hospitality as if they were personal guests in our home. Really, this is our home and we have invited you to share the paradise we are so fortunate to live in. Sharing what you love with people, as a career, is a privilege few experience. When people need to get away from the hustle and bustle of their every day life, where do they go? They come here! We are grateful for the opportunity to work in a place considered to be sanctity from life’s stresses!

All of our staff bring with them qualities and when combined, they form the finest management team in the industry. They have the commitment, drive and expertise to ensure a vacation experience at Anderson’s is full of wonderful memories lasting a lifetime.

Years of education and experience in Marketing & Sales, Business, Customer Service, Fish & Wildlife Management, Recreation, Food and Beverage Industry – we cover all of the elements required to produce a complete fishing vacation with the best service in the industry. Couple this with “years of working in the trenches” and you have a management team unrivaled in the industry.

These elements combined with a shared passion for what our part of Canada has to offer ensures our customers have chosen a trip with operators who understand what they are looking for – and make sure they get it! Let us host your next Canadian fishing vacation and you will see what it is all about!

Putting it all on the line for you is something Anderson’s Lodge has done for years! Instilled in us were the grass root principles of hard work and dedication, coupled with professionalism and simply a sincere devotion to our business. This inspires our commitment to our guests, being on the front line daily to deliver the best packages in the industry! We believe the key ingredient to a successful business are the people ~ from Chefs , Dining Room Staff, Guides, Dock Hands and Managers – one year to the next, building on our team of dedicated professionals has been successful and allows us the challenge to deliver unsurpassed Canadian fishing vacation experiences! We invite you to join us this coming season!

— Jackie and, Jody