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Ontario Fishing Vacation Guide Staff

Anderson's Lodge Guide Driving

Over the years Anderson’s Lodge has been providing an extraordinary caliber of men that put you on fish, and are the only camp in the area that takes it seriously. With a guide staff of such magnitude who are trained with the “traditional” values and display such expertise and enthusiasm – it is obvious that they are there for you. Whether young or old – our team kicks out and maintains pure drive.

Our extensive recruiting and training of these professionals extends throughout the country in an effort to have no ordinary league of men. We see these guys come and go but the BEST are always found around the breakfast table in our staff room every morning – talking and stratagizing – working together to complement each other in being the best in the industry.

To make the cut on this team, our guides have to care about one thing – and that’s you! It’s best described by one of our guests this past season in him saying “Your guides are attentive and share their knowledge, they respect the guests wishes and needs, and work hard to put you on fish. They’re not there to fish for themselves – they look for your Master Angler not theirs”. Just check the Master Anglers Page – with a Master Angler list this long, you know these guys are working hard for you!

The talents these men bring to our table have been instrumental in allowing us to do one more thing in our industry that has set the bar. We worked extensively with a manufacturer in conjunction with the local marina, our management team, and with our entire guide team to build a boat that is meant for business. With their input we put a fleet of these boats on the water in 2004 that were actually “guide tested”. The attention to detail on this Hummer type boat has created a serious fishing machine – one that goes hand-in-hand with the driver. You can read more about the boat on the our Bowrider Page, but before you go – we would like to tell you about a day on the water with one of our guides…

Start of the day

As you settle into our dining room for your early morning breakfast, your guide will already be preparing for your arrival at the dock. His day starts by ensuring that you will have everything in your boat to make your day as comfortable and successful as possible. As the mist rises off the calm clear water, the morning dew is wiped off the seats and the minnows are put into the buckets in anticipation of an action packed day. Whether you’re heading out in one of our 21′ Bowriders or in the 16′ Lunds, your guide will have everything ready to go! Greeting the man who you’ll become acquainted with will be like meeting an old friend. With a firm handshake and a confident smile, your guide will lead you into the boat and get you off the dock in eager anticipation to show you what it’s all about – catching fish.

Walleye Fishing in Ontario
Fishing Lodge in Northwestern Ontario

Get to your fishing spot

As he navigates you to your first stop over the pristine Canadian waters, your excitement only builds in anticipation of dropping your line and feeling that familiar strike. His set up is quick – put the minnows overboard, get out the measuring tape, place the net within reach – the moment you’ve been waiting for is here!

You’ll spend your morning reeling in fish, soaking in the sun, and forgetting about the bump and grind. The only worry you have now, how big is your fish compared to the one just reeled in?

A voice suddenly calls out “Reel Up” and has you perplexed until you realize the morning breakfast has long passed and the thought of shore lunch sends your taste buds watering in anticipation of what is about to come.

Shore Lunch

A careful approach to a quiet rocky point sets the stage for your afternoon lunch reservation. As you get out of the boat and stretch your legs this legendary shore lunch is already in progress. Your guide cleans your fish from the morning’s action, builds a fire just so, and in no time has the point laid out with a spread that’s fit for a king.

Fresh fish cooked to golden brown perfection, fried potatoes sizzling with chopped onions, accompanied with baked beans and a hot veggie, and to rinse it all down a cup of fire brewed coffee. As you take your belt down a notch, out comes the dessert. The shoreline looks so good you just have to take a couple of casts while your guide packs up. BANG! There’s a strike and next thing you know your reeling in a hawg Northern Pike – what a great picture!

As the boat slowly pulls away from the shoreline and the gulls quickly move in, a full afternoon awaits your other appetite – more fishing. The hardest decision you have to make for the entire day is upon you. What do you want to fish for now? The Walleye action was amazing, so do you go for the ever-hungry Northern Pike or try your arms on the scrappy Smallmouth Bass? No matter what your choice, your guide is ready to make it happen. As you spend your afternoon casting and jigging, the camaraderie in the boat is captured on camera and will become a memory that you reflect upon forever.

Around the next corner you see the only familiar landmark of the day – the dock. As your guide slowly approaches, the conversation is serious and not typical of his demeanor. “What would you like to do tomorrow”? He will make a plan for the following day and is serious about the business of fishing, having an action-packed day, with no worry for you. Your guide is there to take care of the details and that’s exactly what he will do.

A guide makes a shore lunch over a fire