TK Midwest Guys: Dan, Dick, Tom, Glenn, David & Mike

Another GREAT trip to Anderson’s Lodge 2018
Once again the folks at Anderson’s have exceeded our expectations, Jackie, Jody, and Rick, our gracious hosts, and their entire team have done it again making certain that our trip was an exciting and pleasurable one.
Shawn and Greg, our guides, were always accommodating and made certain we were ‘on the fish’ and our daily fishing a real adventure, full of excitement. They are the real pros of this trip and are the stewards and custodians of this pristine environment. They reflect what truly professional guides are. Our group had 16 Master Angler Awards and untold numbers of other exciting catches in the 3-1/2 days of fishing, a testament to the expertise of the guides and their professionalism.
Our shore lunch was ALWAYS a GREAT experience and we sometimes wonder if the guides aren’t really ‘Master Chef’s’ in disguise. The daily preparation of the Walleye was always something we looked forward to as well as all the accompanying sides. We’ve all committed to go back on our diets when we return home.
We took time to reflect on the events of the morning and the beauty and grandeur of nature that surrounded us. The soaring of Eagles, the courting Loons who swam about, the rare Cinnamon colored bear on shore, and then the small moose calf who watched us with as much wonderment as we watched her, finally scampering back into the dense woods seeking out her protective mother, all spectacular elements of this beautiful, untarnished environment.
Our conversations reviewed the exciting events of the morning and hopes and expectations of the afternoon, as well as having a few well-placed challenges being pressed on to each other…all part of the camaraderie we experience during these trips. This is the 34th year in a row for some of our group, a testament to the level of satisfaction we have with your facility and all the folks at Anderson’s, and we’ve already booked our 2019 dates. Thanks again for another great trip and so many fond memories. In appreciation and with our kindest regards.