Tanya P

“Kakebeka narrows Trip of a Lifetime”

After researching many fishing camps, I decided to purchase a fly in fishing trip for my husband’s 50th birthday in January. An avid fisherman, I was looking for that special experience for him and fishing that he would remember forever. For months we looked forward to this trip and we were not disappointed!

Because I booked the trip in November of 2015, I emailed Jackie many times before our arrival and my emails were always answered promptly and professionally. She was constantly available to me to answer any question or give suggestions. Jody even created a special Happy 50th Birthday poster for me to present as a gift. It was also a valued convenience that I was able to email our grocery list to Jackie a week before for our arrival and we arrived to find our groceries packed up on the dock waiting for us in the morning.

We arrived at the dock already loving the beauty of the locale. The pilot of the float plane was friendly and helpful and the flight was an easy 15-20 mins from the lodge to the cabin. The scenery is breathtaking! We arrived at the cabin between 630 and 7am. On arrival, the pilot helped us unload our baggage. We were greeted by Kevin the caretaker who is knowledgeable about the area.

The cabin at Kakebeka Narrows is beautiful! It is tongue and groove pine throughout with a GREAT open concept plan and updated furniture and propane appliances. We were very pleased with the modern bathroom and shower, and even the outhouses were okay. The cabin has windows all along one side and is flooded with natural light. Even on the hottest of days, the cabin seems to be situated on such an angle to catch cool night breezes and we were comfortable for each of the three nights that we were there. This was the cleanest cabin that we have ever stayed in, and that includes the fishhouse, the bbq and the propane oven/stove. The grounds were well kept with pathways trimmed.

We have a Lund boat of our own, but because we flew in, we were pleased to find a 16ft Lund utility boat, very clean, gassed up and ready to go.

This trip has been described to me as “the best fishing of my life” by my spouse. On our last night there in the space of 2 1/2 hrs, he caught 35 walleye while I caught 17 walleye and a beautiful jumbo perch. We stopped only when we ran out of minnows! The walleye were all eating size and larger and had it not been our last night and getting late, we definitely would have had another fish fry. No sooner had we released the caught fish from the hook and cast out again then another fish was on. It was amazing. Also during our stay, I caught a 13lb pike at the same time that he caught close to the same size muskie. Those fish were caught within the first hour on our first day! The highlight of the trip was the 16lb pike that he caught on the last day.

Although we were warned ahead of time to bring lots of bug dope, we were very pleasantly surprised to find the bugs basically non-existent except for mosquitoes on the very last night. Even then, they only seemed bad down by the dock. We were fully prepared to be a feast for deerflies, horseflies and the like but in all honesty, never saw one much to our relief.

We are definitely planning our trip for next year and hopefully Anderson’s will become an annual trek for us.