Steven Pimento

Dear Jackie, Jody and Rick and Anderson’s Lodge Team
On behalf of our group, we wanted to thank you yet again for hosting us for this years’ 2021 Moose hunt. In these challenging post pandemic times we were very grateful to see such friendly and familiar faces with your team – especially once again Kevin and Andree at our outpost camps. We were grateful and relieved to know that our cabins were cleaned and disinfected prior to our arrival.
The weather was conducive for our success in both hunting as well as the monster pickerel and pike that provided us a phenomenal fish fry dinner for our group.
Thanks for arranging with The Maker, such a panoramic view of the highly coveted, and spectacular Northern Lights from our dock (lol). They were dancing and lighting up the sky for our endless enjoyment. It was a humbling experience for us to enjoy that never gets old for
We (Myself, James, Nicholas, Jayce, Gerry, Will, Mike, Mark-Anthony, Domenic and Travis) all wanted to thank you and all of the staff once again for your sincere hospitality and attention to detail in making our visit memorable.
Steven P. Pimento