Raymond Bennett

Jackie, just wanted to let you know that Jim and I could not be more pleased with our recent Moose Hunt with Anderson’s Lodge. It lived up to our expectations in every way.

It started a year ago with the initial planning. You were very helpful in helping us get ready for this adventure and realistic in what to expect. As a result, you helped us develop the right attitude to enjoy our vacation. Your assistance in setting up the admin and logistics for the trip was very helpful and contributed to a hassle free trip.

The cabin, boats and logistic support were better than what we expected. After hunting hard each day, the warm fire and dry cabin were greatly appreciated. After we got two moose in one day it quickly became apparent why we had a professional team to support us. Even the work was an experience and enjoyable.

Hats off to your staff. From the guide, dock hand and cook, we got the impression that they wanted us to be as successful as we did. In the full week I never heard a discouraging word, even in the wee hours of the morning dealing with a wet moose. Everyone met us with a smile each day and the overall vibes were always positive.

I have hunted in Germany, South Africa, Quebec and out West, and I have not experienced a more professional or positive outfitter. I took a bear with the bow with you about ten years ago and it too was a great experience.
Thanks for the great time and feel free to use me as a reference.