Nick & Rob DiCianni

Jackie and Jody,

My 34th trip to Lac Seul and Anderson’s, it gets better every trip. Thank you for making this another great fishing experience. We had typical Walleye weather two days of cold and rain, two days of sunny and warm, and 3 days of wind and clouds, all in all great fishing weather. The newbies Pat and Mike loved the fishing and the experience, although I think this is the first time they were roughing it. We kept telling them about the camp in the 80s and I don’t think they believed us. The veterans Tom, Nicky, and Russ did well as usual, and hopefully our pal Sheffie won’t have to work next year and will be returning.

As usual, we caught lots of walleye and a few really good Northern Pike. Apparently, a little too cool for the Smallmouth so we did not have the pleasure of their company, but the 100 plus fish per boat days were super. Rob landed a 41 inch Northern Pike and Russ a 27.5 walleye so only two patches this year. I managed a nice size Northern, and 26 inch plus walleye but could not stretch it to 27.5, will send that photo later when Rob sends it to me.

We all look forward to coming in 2018, but I have to admit the drive from Texas is tough, 1400 miles, but worth it.