Nick Dicianni

I received your package today and the book on History of the Goldfields of NW Ontario was truly unexpected. Being a bit of a history buff, I find it fascinating that there was so much going on back in the 30’s in Hudson/Lac Seul as well as Red Lake. There was some substantial building and industry back in the day, and the fact that some of that is still visible on Lac Seul is really cool. (Technical term for blowing my socks off.) Jackie, this book will make coming up to see you and Jody even more like visiting family. I truly appreciate you thinking of me, and this will become one of my treasures. I doubt this can be found at Barnes and Noble so this is doubly special. I can hardly wait to share with Tom and Rob. 74 days and counting. Put in the order for some warm weather so there is no more ice for the opening week. Can you tell we are all looking forward to getting up to SL this year? Warmest Regards