Jo-Anne, Ted, Gordon & Rescha Barker

Hi Jackie and Jody and Rick and Meredith,
I wanted to thank you all for making this year’s trip so memorable. It was so nice to be back where our family has such a great time. We enjoy the lodge so much and the staff treats us like royalty. After spending a week eating gourmet meals, its back to salad for me. The kids and I were discussing the best part of the trip, aside from catching so many fish, we love the drive out in the morning to start our day, the great Canadian shield at its most spectacular. We were very sad to leave, but we are already planning for next year. We would also like to send a big thank you to Matt Smith our fishing guide who never fails to deliver fish and awesome shore lunches. Sorry that we missed saying goodbye to you Jackie, but we will see you again. Have a great finish to your season. Thank you!