Duane Danielson

Good morning Jody and Rick,

Attached is the picture of the 3 species of fish where we had a triple header inside of 1 minute.  About an hour before this picture, we had a triple header of northern pike and after releasing them we said we should have taken a picture.  Then we heard Bob holler “fish on ” followed by me with “fish on ”.  While netting and unhooking these 2 Denny hollered “fish on”.  We already knew Bob’s and my fish were different species, so we told Denny to bring in a northern pike for 3 different species.  And he did it.  All 3 fish were photographed and released back to the water.

I have also included a few other pictures just in case Jake has not.  Jake was not fishing while in the water, he was retrieving Bob’s snagged lure.

Thanks for a very enjoyable fishing experience.

Duane Danielson- Ankeny, IA