Doug Phipps (Tate party.)

Just wanted to say thank you for another awesome experience at Anderson’s Lodge. You and your staff always make our 3 days such a pleasure. Your staff bends over backwards to make sure our expectations are met. The restaurant staff is extremely attentive and the food is beyond expectation. It was very nice to come back to the cabin after a long day of fishing to find beds made and clean towels. Of course my buddies and I think we have had the absolute best guide for three years running. We are so appreciative of his knowledge of the lake and the area and the fact that he actually baits our hooks all day long with an attitude of, “I’m here for you”. Having run a business for the past twenty six years, I know that there is a trickle down effect from the top when it comes to employee attitude. So I commend you and Jody.
We once again look forward to coming back next year.