Cooky Bergman

Hi, Jackie and Jody. We’re once again home in NE Wisconsin. Ever since 1985, the year we visited Anderson’s Lodge, our fishing adventures have been spoiled by fishing on Lac Seul. Although we had a 31 year hiatus, we are happily enjoying our memories from Anderson’s. While the accommodations were perfect, complete with good food and many new recipes to gain, we were totally thrilled with the fishing guides we had. Our first 2 days were spent with Greg and we caught many fish and had 2 wonderful shore lunches with him. While my mind is about 35 years old, my body of 77 years made it hard to get in and out of the 16 foot boat, even with help from Greg and my husband Russ. We opted for the Bowrider boat and are forever spoiled for fishing accommodations. The Bowrider afforded us room to stand, walk around and be kept out of the inclement weather. Fishing was as good as expected with Russ catching a 38” Northern Pike. We had our fill of Walleye shore lunches (WHICH I THINK IS THE BEST MEAL IN THE WORLD). With our conservation licenses we were able to bring home enough fish to have a very large fish fry with our family.

The best part of the whole trip, for me was when we told our new guide Cecil, we wanted to fish for Northern Pike. He took us “somewhere- ‘cause it all looks alike to me”, and I was able to hook onto the largest fish I had ever seen. With Cecil’s soft-spoken coaching I was able to bring a monster fish to the boat. He skillfully netted the monster that turned out to be a 45” Northern Pike. Cecil estimated that it weighed probably 30#. THIS WAS THE THRILL OF A LIFETIME FOR THIS OLD GRAY-HAIRED LADY. I’ve relived this moment many times since we’ve been home and look forward to the day when we hope to repeat this vacation. Cheers to the entire staff, including you too, all the wait staff, etc. However, my favorite person of all during this time has to be Cecil. Not only did he loan me his favorite artificial bait, he coached me as was able to land this wonderful, huge fish. We released it so that perhaps someone else might experience this once-in-a lifetime dream come true.