Aiden Zortman 9 Years Old (Dunlap Party)

Dear Anderson Lodge (Jackie and Jody),

Hi! I’m Aiden and I think that Anderson lodge was great. I liked how fun it was to catch fish. My favorite catch was when I caught my 33 inch northern pike. It was at the end of the first day in the place we tried. I got no fish so we went to a different place and on my first cast in that area I caught a 29 inch northern pike. We let it go then I casted again ….nothing. So I casted one more time and the lure got stuck on a rock. Then it came free but when my rod started to bend I knew why it came free. Because there was a fish on my line. So Pat came over and held me so I did not fall in. I reeled and reeled so it was right by our boat. My guide got the net and scooped him in the boat. We measured him before letting him go. He was big!

I think our guide was great because he was nice to me and my family. He gave us good advice about fishing which will help me catch more fish in the future.

These are a couple reasons why I think Anderson Loge is so great! I hope to be back soon.