Reasons to go on a Guided Walleye Fishing Trip in Ontario

Walleye Fishing in Ontario If you’re interested in enjoying the excellent fishing that Ontario has to offer, there are all kinds of guided fishing trips that you can take. You can fish for northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskie, lake trout, and more. But there’s nothing like taking a guided walleye trip to Ontario. Here are some reasons that you should consider booking a guided walleye fishing trip today.

You can find walleye in most of the lakes in Ontario.

When you visit Ontario to fish, you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down walleye. They’re located in most of the major lakes located throughout the area. You can find them in Lac Seul, Minnitaki Lake, Abram Lake, Pelican Lake, and more. The key is to find the best places to reel in trophy walleyes, which is where your guide will come in. They can show you where to drop your line in to get the best results.

You can challenge yourself by fishing for walleye.

When you’re on a guided fishing trip in Ontario, you’ll have ample opportunities to reel in fresh walleye.  One of the keys to success is using light tackle when fishing for walleye along with clear fishing line. You also want to be able to feel the bottom of whichever lake you’re fishing in so that you can jig for walleyes effectively.

Eating Walleye Fish You can enjoy one of the best-tasting fish in Ontario when you catch walleye.

At the end of a long day out on the lake, you want to be able to reward yourself with some tasty fish. Walleye are known to be some of the most buttery tasting and “melt in your mouth” fish around. Many anglers who book guide walleye fishing trips enjoy a fresh walleye shore lunch each day, and for many, a fresh walleye shore lunch is the best part of their trip.

Do you want to experience walleye fishing in Ontario for yourself? Anderson’s Lodge would love to host you and take you out on a guided walleye fishing trip. You’ll be able to see why so many people enjoy fishing for walleye in this part of Canada. Call us at 800-465-1098 today to make a reservation.