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Need a Fishing Buddy?

Here is a list of people who are looking for fishing buddies.

Dennis Durec (central wi)
Mike Young central KY
Joel Andres (Barrie & Toronto area)
Kent Rhora
Rich wilson
Vincent Griesemer
Richard wilson
Maureen Ault
Jim poe
Kevin Summers aka The Fox River Fishin Musician
Arnie Spokane
Bob Weise (CT/USA)
Richard wilson
Daryl Williams
Carter Campbell
wayne robinson
jeff mcintosh
Denis Dion
Rick Hertle
James Fraczek
John Schroeder
Steve Collins
rick cesar
Richard Becker
Joe Cooper
Peter Walters
Gabriel Donaldson
Richard knox
Brett Rechek
Wayne Schultz
Tom Swantko
Dan Smith warminster PA.
Joe Marcyan
Phillip carroll (Kingston)
Paul Correa
Mike Routhieaux
Bruce Brown (Toronto, ON)
Mark Durben
Andrew Baczek
Ronald Green
Ron Chamberlin (Ohio)
Richard Geyer (USA/PA)
Conrad Dillman
Bill Davies (USA/OHIO)
Gary Manfredo
Lydia Auma
Humphrey Pedha
Mirro Krelina
Mark Powers
Florent Lefevre
Donald Bartolacci
Chuck Schneider
Matt Corbett
Mrs. Donna Grenier
marco escobar astudiilo
Dean Burger
Duane Pullen

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