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Muskie Fishing in Ontario

Ontario Muskie Fishing

DESCRIPTION: World-renowned for its bad attitude, this fish has an average length of 36 inches to 50+ inches. The colour of this fish can be extremely variable but always having dark markings on a light background, which is in contrast to the Northern Pike. The colour varies from iridescent green-gold to light brown, gray, or very silvery. This fish has similar features to the Northern Pike including the shape of its body, the positioning of its eyes, and the amount of razor sharp teeth in its mouth. A distinct feature to identify this species is the presence of small pores under its bottom jaw. This fish will have from 12 to 18 pores in comparison to a Northern Pike which will have a maximum of only 11 pores.

If you choose to fish for Musky and don’t have this type of gear it can get very expensive to start up. The recommended tackle can be modified to get you started with everything you need for just around $300.00 complete. Just ask our office for details!

We fish a variety of lakes for Musky ~ a few of which have great populations with fish ranging from 30”- 40”+ that are great to fish using your normal Pike rod and reel. When fishing Lac Seul ~ expect big fish, very big fish! You will work cabbage beds, the edge of weed lines, and huge stump fields.

DISTRIBUTION: Lac Seul is fast becoming known for its World Class Live Release Muskellunge fishing. There have been fish caught on this lake that exceed the present World Record but have not been entered or have been disqualified due to technicalities. This is only one of the many area lakes where this species is found. We also fish for Muskellunge on Little Vermilion, Closs, Cedarbough, Maskinonge, and Hooch lakes. These fish are angled for in various settings including weed beds, stump fields, reefs, sand beaches, and rocky shorelines. They spawn in the spring shortly after the ice has melted (but later than the Northern Pike) usually in early to mid May when the water temperature is between 49° F and 59° F.

ANGLING METHODS: The majority of these fish are caught by casting large artificial baits. A description of the baits used can be found in the chart on this page.   Another technique used is to troll for them. This is done at a rather high trolling speed and artificial baits are again used.

TROPHY MUSKELLUNGE FISHING: Most of the lakes we fish have Muskies in them but we will target Lac Seul for the Trophy Muskie Fishing. Lac Seul is home to some of the largest Silver Muskies in Ontario and it is not uncommon to catch a big Tiger Muskie as well. If you’re more for Muskie action with a greater rate of success catching this elusive fighter, you can fish Big Vermilion Lake, Little Vermilion Lake, Cedarbough, Maskinonge, and Hooch Lakes where they are typically not as big as a Lac Seul Muskie but with higher populations on smaller lakes, your success rate will be higher. These smaller lakes also have higher populations of Tiger Muskies. We also have groups that stay at our Lac Seul Fly-In Outposts that do trophy Muskie fishing, and they do very well!

Hardware Suggestions
  • 7’ to 8’6” one or two piece
  • Med-heavy to heavy action.
  • Casting rods are most common but spinning rods work also.
  • We carry a full line of fishing rods should you want to pick up a new Musky rod when you arrive.
  • Guide Choice: St. Croix Mojo Musky 8’ Med-Heavy , Fast Action , 20-50 lb, 3/4 – 3 oz.
  • Appropriate type according to rod type (casting or spinning)
  • Baitcast are most common and have the line capacity to handle long runs.
  • Guide Choice: Ambassadeur Revo Toro Winch 60 – HS.
  • 50 lb to 85 lb braided line.
  • Guide Choice: PowerPro Super Slick 65 lb.
  • 12”+ Musky leaders are a must.
  • Tandem hook Bucktails in assorted colours.
  • Joe Bucher Top Raider (Baby Loon is #1 rated).
  • Suick Cisco Kid Topper.
  • Storm Giant Thunderstick (early and late season).
  • Buzz Baits (topwater)
  • Pearson’s Grinder—mid season to get in the weeds.
  • Guide Choice: Musky Mayhem Double Showgirl – Whitefish.
Key with this species:
  • You will have many fish follow your baits and if you don’t see them, you won’t know to figure 8 them. Invest in a decent pair of Polarized sunglasses ($50).
  • Perfect your figure 8 by practicing this technique on every retrieve.
  • If you have a fish swipe and miss, switch up baits to bring him back.
  • Keep your hooks sharp!
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