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Ontario Fishing ~Species, Lakes & Tackle

For your angling experience, we offer you the opportunity to fish for a total of five different species. You can choose one particular fish to angle for, or try your hand at all five. Talk about variety! WalleyeNorthern PikeSmallmouth BassLake Trout, and Muskie. With this many species to catch, we would like to give you some background information on each (just click the species icon below) in hopes of enabling you to choose what species you would like to fish for while on a vacation at Anderson’s Lodge.

Your fishing experience with Anderson’s is truly the feeling of insurmountable excitement, thrills beyond belief, a day of working hard and playing hard, a personal confidence strengthened – of a challenge met and conquered! To experience “it all” in a playground so peaceful and sacred, one of the few places in the world left that has such natural, unspoiled beauty.

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Our Lakes

Let’s talk about the world class lakes and systems we offer for your tremendous angling experience. The legendary Lac Seul is always at the top of the list. This 360,000 acre lake is home to a phenomenal, world renowned Walleye fishery. It also hosts healthy populations of Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike as well as a World Class Muskie fishery.

The Minnitaki, Abram and Pelican chain of lakes provide you with alternatives when it comes to fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Minnitaki also boasts a unique trophy Lake Trout fishery for those ardent yet patient anglers and if the challenge is conquered – the payoff is huge!!!

For those guests that like to “mix it up” and experience something new – Big Vermilion is a guest favorite for exciting Lake Trout and Smallmouth angling! For those guests that are excited about Smallmouth angling or perhaps want to catch their first ever Muskie – we’ve got the ticket for you on Little Vermilion and it’s chain of connecting lakes – Maskinonge, Cedarbough and Hooch!

Easy access to all lakes is available – with no portaging involved. You can access the Abram/Minnitaki chain right from our main lodge, with access to Lac Seul being a short 15 minute drive by vehicle to our exclusive landing. The Vermilions and their connecting waters are all paved road accessible and a short drive from the lodge.

Whether you choose to fish for the “golden gem” in our Canadian waters – world class Walleye, the feisty Smallmouth “Bronze Backs”, the aggressive Northern Pike, the ever-elusive Muskie that will give you the fight of your life and an adrenaline rush like no other, or the legendary “monster of the deep” Lake Trout; we offer you the most thrilling Canadian fishing vacation experience, challenging the novice or pro.

Anderson's Lodge Lakes

Get a Line on Tackle with “Tackle Talk”

We are often asked “what should I bring in regards to equipment and tackle?” In order to help you prepare the gear you will want to have to fish our area lakes, we have included this information by clicking the species icons above to assist you in planning for a successful trip.

Now, before we talk about fishing equipment, please be aware that all of our boats are equipped with paddles, nets, minnow buckets, and seat cushions. Swivel boat seats are also available for anyone who would like to use them.

The information specific to the species illustrates the most common tackle, that in our experience is proven to catch fish.  Should you not be able to find the suggested tackle, we do carry all the necessary tackle that our guides recommend and use. We are an authorized dealer for St. Croix and carry a full line of their rods.

Tackle Talk

Additional Gear

Aside from tackle and equipment, there are several other items you should be sure to have in order to make your fishing trip with us more enjoyable.

  • RAIN GEAR: It is essential for your personal comfort. We suggest that you bring it with you daily to reassure you will stay dry in the event of foul weather.
  • CAMERA: For your memories and the best way to keep a permanent record of your trip. Digital cameras will allow us to view your daily catches and provide for brochure photos. Make sure your camera is charged or that you have extra batteries! We do carry an assortment of batteries in our shop.
  • FOOTWEAR: Most of the time normal footwear is adequate but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have either a pair of waterproof boots or a pair of pull on type rubber overshoes, to pull over whatever kind of footwear you are wearing. This makes it a lot more comfortable in the event of rain. Or, an old pair of rubber soled running shoes will work well.
  • THERMOS: For those that like coffee, we suggest you bring one along. Your guide will always prepare a pot of “Fire Brewed” Java for you at shore lunch, however, if you prefer to have coffee rather than other beverages during the day a thermos is an excellent idea.
  • CLOTHING: Regardless of the time of the year it is important to bring enough clothes so that you are prepared for any kind of weather. We recommend clothing that can be layered on or off. Temperatures early in the season can be cool, and may require a medium weight jacket with a heavy sweater. By noon you may be down to shirt sleeves or less. For fall, it’s always important to bring warm clothing. The fall here is beautiful, and the fishing is excellent but you will require heavier clothing. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always a good idea to bring some gloves. If it is raining it’s nice to have a pair of gloves to put on. Also, a hat and sunscreen is suggested to help protect you from the sun.
  • COOLER: You can use it during your trip to keep cold beverages on ice every day. At the end of your trip it will be used to transport your catch home with you. It is best if you bring 2 or 3 medium size coolers instead of one big one.
  • OTHER: The only live bait that is legal to bring into the country is nightcrawlers (packed in bedding, not soil) and frozen or salted minnows, and frozen Herring. Smelt, live minnows, leeches, and crayfish are illegal to bring into Canada