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Reasons to Take a Fishing Trip in 2023

A view of two cabins beyond a calm lakeIf you’re an experienced angler, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your next fishing trip. That’s especially true in the winter, when it’s difficult or nearly impossible to fish in many bodies of water across North America. If you’re a newer angler, you may be spending these months thinking about where to go on your first-ever fishing trip.

But far too often, we make exciting plans in our heads and don’t follow through with them. In 2023, make it a point to actually go on that fishing trip you’ve been dreaming of all winter. You can start to make it a reality by beginning to plan in earnest today.

There are any number of reasons why you should consider going on a fishing trip this year. Here are just a few of them:

A New Challenge

If you’re like many anglers, you have a favorite body of water to fish near your home. You may even have two or three. After enough trips, you can really start to understand the lake or river you’re fishing in. You’ll know where to find what species to find at a certain time. You’ll know what tactics to use to lure them in. You’ll become a master of that domain.

Travelling to a new location to fish in a lake or river that’s totally foreign to you can invigorate you by offering a new challenge. They may even have fish species that you’ve never had the opportunity before. This will help you sharpen your fishing skills, while also boosting your confidence as an angler. It’s also nice to see a new, potentially more remote area of nature that you’ve never travelled to before.

Strengthen Social Bonds

Fishing is a great hobby for so many reasons, especially because it allows us to become closer to friends and families. This is why so many anglers have “fishing buddies” and why so many parents who fish get their children into the sport. While it’s great to spend a few hours per week out on the water with a friend or family member, going on a fishing trip provides an even better opportunity to build those bonds. You’ll spend several days to a week together, helping each other and doling out advice as you take on the challenge of fishing in an unfamiliar body of water. Fishing trips with friends and family are a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Relax and Get Away

Life can be stressful, littered with endless responsibilities and annoyances. The COVID-19 pandemic made things worse by making travel and enjoying a vacation infinitely more difficult. A fishing trip offers not only the opportunity to get away from work and life, but the chance to do so while consistently engaging in your favorite hobby. As a bonus, many of the best fishing trip locations are in remote areas, allowing you to relax in the quiet of nature.

Stay in A Lodge

If you’re going to go on a fishing trip, you should make sure you’re going to be able to focus on fishing as much as possible. Nothing allows you that opportunity more than staying in a lodge. When you stay in a lodge, you’ll get quite a few things that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you stayed in a hotel near the body of water you’re fishing.

The first benefit is easy access to the water without a commute. Then, of course, you may have the option of fishing with a guide if that’s something that you want. You also will not have to worry about meals as the lodge should provide you with breakfast and dinner at the very least and perhaps even a prepared lunch. And, of course, you can’t beat the comfort of a beautifully furnished lodge in a remote, peaceful area.

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your next fishing trip, consider Anderson’s Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada.  We’ll set you up with beautiful accommodations and an excellent dining experience to ensure you have the best possible experience on your trip. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, please feel free to contact us today!

What You Should Know Before Fishing for Lake Trout

There are few things more exciting than targeting a new species for fishing for the first time. It’s a fun way to stay sharp and make the sport feel new to you again.

If you’re fishing in the Northern United States or Canada for the first time, you may be new to fishing Lake Trout. In that case, there are some things to know about the species before heading out onto the water for the first time. Here are a few of them:

Where To Find Them

Lake Trout are actually a pretty rare fish, all things considered. They’re native to the Great Lakes, New England, Montana, Alaska, and Canada. They’re artificially stocked in other parts of the world but can mostly be found in the Northern US and Canada. They prefer cold, freshwater, clean lakes with plenty to eat. You may find them close to the surface during the spring and fall, but as the temperature warms, they tend to swim as far as 80 feet deep.

How Big They Are

Lake Trout have quite the size range, depending on where exactly you’re fishing them. In some places, they may be as small as three to eight pounds. Other places, the average Lake Trout will be more than 30 pounds. It’s not exceptionally uncommon for them to exceed 50 pounds, and at least one on record has surpassed 70.

What They Look Like

The appearance of a Lake Trout will also vary, based on multiple factors. The fish can be light green/gray, dark green, brown, almost black. Regardless of the hue, the fish tend to have light spots all over and a light-colored belly. Lake Trout mature over the course of many years and can sometimes take on a silvery appearance when they age. They tend to have fins that orange or red in color. One interesting feature of a Lake Trout is the adipose fin on the back between the dorsal fin and tail fin. This fin is proof that despite its name, Lake Trout are not actually Trout. Rather, they are part of the Char family.

Anderson’s Lodge in Ontario, Canada is a perfect place to fish Lake Trout for the first time. We offer world-class accommodations with the best staff-to-guest ratio in the area, in addition to plentiful lakes. Make a reservation today!

The Benefits of a Guided Fishing Trip

A guide makes a shore lunch over a fire

While every angler has a favorite body of water close to home, there’s an undeniable joy to traveling to a new place to fish in a lake or river that you’ve never seen before.

If you’re planning a fishing trip with friends or family in the coming year, there are no shortage of options. There are so many places and so many decisions to make. Should you stay in a lodge in a remote area? If so, should you use a fishing guide? The answer to that question is yes. Here are some of the benefits to making that decision:

Ability to Find Fish

While many of us wish we could spend every day out on the water, sadly we can’t. Work, life responsibilities, proximity, weather, and many other factors make it difficult to fish as often as we want to. But a full-time guide fishes hundreds of times per year as part of their job, usually in the same body of water. They’ll know where to find which kind of species you’re looking for at different times of day. As we’re all aware, knowing where a fish will likely be is a big step in catching it.

The Know How

While you likely know quite a bit about fishing, there’s always room to learn more. A guide can help you do just that, offering you pointers and teaching you about different species and fishing environments. They can even tell you which equipment you should use to catch which fish.

They’ll Handle Everything

When you fish with a guide, they’ll handle just about every aspect of the day so you can just focus on fishing and enjoying yourself. They’ll have the boat geared up and ready to go, they’ll know exactly where to take you, they’ll give you all the pointers you need. When lunch time comes, they’ll be prepared to feed you. Plus, they’ll be amenable to your wants and needs.

If you’re planning a guided fishing trip, Anderson’s Lodge in Ontario, Canada is the perfect place to go. Our experienced, capable guides will help ensure that you have the perfect outing, complete with a shore lunch of the fish you caught cooked over a fire. Make a reservation today!

How To Identify a Walleye When Fishing

A woman holds a large fishWalleyes are a popular species to fish for a very simple reason: they’re also a popular species to eat throughout the Midwestern United States and Canada. If you live in one of those areas, there’s a good chance you’ve had your share of Walleye in your life.

Your enjoyment of Walleyes may even inspire you to try to catch and prepare some of your own. But eating a fish after it’s prepared doesn’t exactly give your much of an idea of how to identify when you’re out on the water. If you’re new to Walleye fishing, here are a few ways to tell you’re dealing with the right species.


The size of a fish is the first indicator of whether or not you’re dealing with the right species. Walleyes can grow to as long as 31 inches and can weigh up to 20 pounds, but they tend to be found in the 12-to-27-inch range. When you catch a Walleye, chances are it will be 20 inches or less and weigh less than 10 pounds. Southern populations of Walleye tend to grow larger than their Northern counterparts.


Once you know the fish is around the right size, it’s time to start taking a closer look to see if its appearance matches what a Walleye should look like. The Walleyes that you’ll find in Ontario tend to have a dark green back, a gold or white coloured belly, and yellow flecks. They’ll have a sharp dorsal fin with a dozen or so spines, a black blotch at the base of the find, a white blotch on the tail, a large silvery eye, and a large mouth with noticeable teeth.

Where to Find Them

One of the best ways to find a Walleye is to know where to look. Walleye can be found in Canada, the Great Lakes, the Missouri River basin and the upper Mississippi River basin, as well as some places in the western and northeastern United States. They tend to enjoy the cool, deep waters of rivers and lakes. As nocturnal creates, they spend much of the day under the cover of aquatic plants and logs. If you’re looking to find them in shallow water, you can do so at night and during the spawning season of May and June. They’ll spend much of the summer in deeper water.

If you’re looking to go Walleye fishing, Anderson’s Lodge in Ontario, Canada is a perfect place to do it. We can offer you world-class accommodations with the best staff-to-guest ratio in the area, in addition to a wonderful fishing vacation. Make a reservation today!

Why You Should Stay in A Lodge on Your Next Fishing Trip

A view of the outside of the Main LodgeThere are few experiences more enjoyable than heading out on a fishing trip with friends or family. If you’re taking a fishing trip soon, consider staying in a lodge. There are so many benefits to staying in a lodge that will enhance your trip and give you the best possible experience. Here are just a few of them:

Easy Access

If you make the choice to stay at the lodge, you’ll be guaranteeing yourself easy access to whatever body of water you’re fishing. You’ll be able to wake up and get right out onto the water to get your day of fishing started. You won’t have to worry about commuting to the lake or river or trying to find a hotel close enough to the lake. Instead, you can go straight to the source.

The Peace of Nature

One of the best parts of heading out on a fishing trip is enjoying the peace, quiet, and beauty of nature. The last thing you want is a bunch of other boats and anglers out, disturbing your peace. Luckily, fishing lodges tend to be in remote areas, giving you plenty of space to explore lakes and river, surrounded by natural beauty and remote wilderness. You can leave behind the hustle and bustle of your life for a short time.

No Stressing About Meals

At the end of a long day of fishing, you can head back to your lodge and enjoy a hot meal prepared by a professional chef in a comfortable and inviting dining room. You won’t have to worry about making dinner reservations or finding the right restaurant. You can relax knowing that dinner plans have been taken care of and just worry about having a successful fishing outing.

If you’re looking to get the best experience on your next fishing trip, Anderson’s Lodge in scenic Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada is the place to go. We’ll set you up with beautiful accommodations and an excellent dining experience.  Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience during your stay. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, please feel free to contact us today!

What To Know About Walleye Before Fishing Them

A man holds a large walleye fish that he's caughtThere’s so much that makes walleye an appealing fish to catch. Many go after them because of their delicious taste when prepared properly. Some are enthralled by their appearance – their marble eyes, white-striped tail, and sharp teeth. Others still are drawn in by the challenge of catching what can be a large and elusive fish.

No matter what the reason for seeking them out is, it’s important to know some key facts about Walleyes to ensure you’re properly equipped to catch them. Here are a few things to know before you set out to catch a Walleye:

When They Spawn

Spawning season tends to be a good time to go after Walleye since they’re far more likely to be closer to the surface than any other time. Walleye tend to spawn in water that’s between 44 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this is dependent on the weather and not a certain time of year, this occurs at different times based on where you’re located. For example, spawning season may be in February in the Southeastern United States, but it may take until May or June in the Northern United States and Canada.

The Best Time to Fish

Walleye tend to feed more actively during low-light hours. This means you’ll have the most luck attracting them in the hours around both dawn and dusk. If you’re aiming to catch them, your best bet is to make it a very early morning or a late evening trip. They also tend to feed more on cloudy and rainy days.

Know Where to Find Them

Walleye are generally caught in 10 to 40-foot deep areas of lakes. They travel in schools and tend to seek cover when they’re not feeding. If you can find some kind of structure large enough to provide cover for a school of Walleyes, you’ll likely be able to catch some of them. Identifying those structures is the key to having a successful day.

If you’re looking to do some quality Walleye fishing, Anderson’s Lodge in Ontario, Canada is a perfect place to do it. We can offer you world-class accommodations with the best staff-to-guest ratio in the area, in addition to a wonderful fishing vacation. Make a reservation today!

Anderson’s Lodge Welcomes You Back!

The Anderson’s Lodge team is excited to welcome back friends and our fishing family. We want you to know that we are now open for business and at this time we are allowed to open our doors to our Canadian customers. We are very thankful to all of you for choosing Anderson’s Lodge as your preferred fishing destination.

To our American customers we are getting closer to welcoming you back and we want you to know that when the border does re-open, we will be ready for you!

We want to thank all of our loyal guests that have had to postpone their 2020 fishing trips for rebooking later this season or for rebooking in 2021. Your loyalty is appreciated and we look forward in seeing you soon.

When you do arrive, please know that your safety is of utmost importance to us. To that end, we are following government directives relating to cleaning & sanitizing. In the meantime, please enjoy this video we put together for you.

Tips for Selecting an Ontario Fishing Trip

If you’re in the process of trying to plan an Ontario fishing trip, you may be unsure of which fishing package you should choose. You probably noticed Ontario offers myriad fishing options, which can make picking the right package for your Ontario fishing trip a real challenge. Take a look at several tips that will help you select the Ontario fishing trip accommodations that are right for you.

Consider if you want a guide for your fishing trip.Ontario Fishing Trip

There are some people who enjoy visiting a new place and learning about fishing in it for themselves. But there are also others who would prefer to fish with a guide when they’re fishing in a place they’ve never been before. If you would like to fish with a guide, Anderson’s Lodge features guided American Plan are packages.  They are true professionals at their craft and take great care and pride in providing our guests with a first class Canadian fishing trip.  From operating the boat, baiting hooks, netting and handling fish, preparing a fresh fish shore lunch daily; friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and will make your Ontario fishing trip easy, stress-free and put you on fish!

Think about if you want to spend time preparing meals during your trip.

When you take a fishing trip, you want to spend as much time as possible with a line in the water. You don’t want to constantly be worrying about what you’re going to eat for your next meal. Keep this in mind when you’re planning a fishing trip. You can find fishing trip packages referred to as American Plan that will include meals throughout the duration of your trip. Notably, the meals at Anderson’s Lodge use fresh ingredients prepared by professional chefs, and served table side by professional and friendly service staff; taking the work and worry out of this element of your Ontario fishing trip.

Put some thought into what kind of boat you want to use on your trip.

Most Ontario fishing trip packages will include the use of a boat and include fuel in the package.  With Anderson’s Lodge we offer packages fishing from a 16 Lund equipped with a new 30 h.p. hour stroke Mercury engine.  We can also offer packages fishing from a custom-build 21’ Bowrider and is a great set up for those groups that want the experience of fishing together in one boat.  Regardless of the type of craft, we will put you on the fish!

Anderson’s Lodge has fishing trip packages for everyone. From our American Plan Bowrider Package, American Plan Package #1 and American Plan Package #2; we can offer a package that will suit your needs. Call us at 1-800-465-1098 today for more information on each specific package.

Reasons to go on a Guided Walleye Fishing Trip in Ontario

Walleye Fishing in Ontario If you’re interested in enjoying the excellent fishing that Ontario has to offer, there are all kinds of guided fishing trips that you can take. You can fish for northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskie, lake trout, and more. But there’s nothing like taking a guided walleye trip to Ontario. Here are some reasons that you should consider booking a guided walleye fishing trip today.

You can find walleye in most of the lakes in Ontario.

When you visit Ontario to fish, you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down walleye. They’re located in most of the major lakes located throughout the area. You can find them in Lac Seul, Minnitaki Lake, Abram Lake, Pelican Lake, and more. The key is to find the best places to reel in trophy walleyes, which is where your guide will come in. They can show you where to drop your line in to get the best results.

You can challenge yourself by fishing for walleye.

When you’re on a guided fishing trip in Ontario, you’ll have ample opportunities to reel in fresh walleye.  One of the keys to success is using light tackle when fishing for walleye along with clear fishing line. You also want to be able to feel the bottom of whichever lake you’re fishing in so that you can jig for walleyes effectively.

Eating Walleye Fish You can enjoy one of the best-tasting fish in Ontario when you catch walleye.

At the end of a long day out on the lake, you want to be able to reward yourself with some tasty fish. Walleye are known to be some of the most buttery tasting and “melt in your mouth” fish around. Many anglers who book guide walleye fishing trips enjoy a fresh walleye shore lunch each day, and for many, a fresh walleye shore lunch is the best part of their trip.

Do you want to experience walleye fishing in Ontario for yourself? Anderson’s Lodge would love to host you and take you out on a guided walleye fishing trip. You’ll be able to see why so many people enjoy fishing for walleye in this part of Canada. Call us at 800-465-1098 today to make a reservation.

Why You Should Consider an Ontario Fishing Trip

Walleye Fishing Trips in Ontario Few things are more memorable and enjoyable than a successful fishing trip. While going fishing is almost always a wonderful stress reliever, the experience of a successful fishing trip is second to none.

One of the best places in North America to take a fishing trip to is Ontario, Canada. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider an Ontario fishing package for your next fishing trip.

There are many lakes in Ontario to fish on.

Unlike other fishing expeditions, you need not worry about the monotony of fishing on the same water and in the same areas, day after day. For example, customers of Anderson’s Lodge have the opportunity to fish on several different lakes and their connected waterways, providing you new opportunities to reel a big one in.

You have an opportunity to fish for a variety of species.

Ontario is home to an assortment of fish species, including the following:

  • Walleye. Fresh Walleye are renowned for their tenderness and tastiness, making them a hit with fishermen of all experience levels. Walleye in Ontario range from 15 to 27’’ and you can fish trophy Walleye on Lac Seul, which is highly rated, as well as Minnitaki lake. If you’re looking for smaller, fresh Walleye you can enjoy right away, then Abram and Pelican Lakes may be your best option.
  • Northern Pike. Northern Pike are robust fish that measure between 25-35’’, though plenty have been caught that measured in over 40’’! Although they’re often confused for Muskies, the Northern Pike’s telling point row are a row of pores under their jaw of sharp teeth. Since they’re a predator fish, they serve as a great challenge for anglers due to their tenacity and energy. Because they’re such a great wrestling match, they’re a very desirable trophy for anglers!
  • Smallmouth Bass. Don’t let their smallish mouths fool you; Smallmouth Bass are 14-18’’ in length, and some have been over 20’’, making them a great catch! Smallmouth Bass are known for their hard pulls and for being intense fighters, making it a gratifying experience for anglers who successfully reel them in. Smallmouth Bass are in many southern region lakes in our area, including both Big and Little Vermillion, Minnitaki, and Lac Seul.
  • Muskie Fishing. Did you know you can reel in some Muskies as long as 50+ inches? As you might expect from a fish at the top of their food chain, Muskies are elusive and scrappy. They have sharp teeth, and will put a fight, making a trophy catch all the more memorable! In our Ontario fishing area, Lac Seul is highly regarded for having a wonderful Live Release Muskellunge fishing. Moreover, these fish are also present in Little Vermillion, Closs, Cedarbough, Maskinonge, and Hooch Lakes.
  • Lake Trout Fishing. Trout in Ontario are often found in secluded areas of the water, and their size is dependent on which lake you’re fishing on. For example, on Minnitaki, there has been fish over 30 pounds reeled in, though most range from 12 to 18lbs. Smaller trout are found on Big Vermillion, and the trout populations are stable, providing anglers with ample opportunities.

As you can see, there are a variety of fish for you to chase after, depending on your preferences when you fish in Ontario.

A Chance for Rest and Relaxation

Fishing TripsIs there anything more relaxing than fishing out on the water? This is especially true when you go on an Ontario fishing trip; our peaceful, tranquil waters are perfect for when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What’s more, when you’re not on the water, you can enjoy the breath of fresh air and scenic views that only natural forests can provide.

And when you fish with Anderson’s Lodge, you’ll, also be able to enjoy hospitable accommodations that will make you feel like you’re right at home when you retreat for the night and rest for another adventurous day on the water.

If you need help deciding which fishing package is best for you, contact us today.