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Junior Anglers

Anderson’s Lodge – Home of GENERATION FISH – GENERATION NOW!

2020 would have been our 16th year for the program, unfortunately due to recent events and not being able to operate in the usual way, we were unable to run the program. One thing is certain, we sure did miss seeing all your smiling faces, enthusiasm, and friendly competition this season. We know many of you were likely participating in your own way back home, giving you time to perfect your angling skills for next season. We are eagerly awaiting your next visit and look forward to having you join us in 2021 so you can put those skills to test for another season of our Junior Angler Program!

Upon check-in all youth (under 16 yrs.) will receive a registration package and a gift. Participants are asked to track the species and lengths of fish that they personally catch and release over the course of their stay. They will register their 5 largest fish (2 walleye, 2 pike , and 1 wild card) and the top three anglers who has the highest number of total inches at the end of the fishing season will be eligible for one of three top prizes. Everyone who participates in the program are entered into a draw to win a free trip in 2022.

kid holding fish in boat
junior angler holding fish
Congratulations to Parker Lyden, the winner of the free trip for 2021!!!
Congratulations to all participants – we hope you had fun!

2019 Fishing Season Winners:

1st Place
Karter Knaack

2nd Place
Sawyer Hollesen

3rd Place
Landon Theriault

Thank you to all our Generation Fish participants. Here is the list of entrants that participated in 2019.

Participants Name Total Inches Released
Karter Knaack 158
Sawyer Hollesen 156.25
Landon Theriault 152
Simon McMahon 135
Stone Brody 135
Jake Kanter 134
Cowan Reuter 129.5
Alex Freeman 128.5
Adam Harris 128
Landon Sharoky 125
Keegan Tesch 123.75
Quinn Earwood 120
Parker Lyden 120
Matthew Bellows 119.75
Declan McCarty 119.5
Reed Bellows 119
Noah Hagley 117
Christopher Ehlers 116.5
Mason Lind 116.25
Brett Ehlers 115.5
Reid Anderson 114.5
Justin Gaylord 114.5
Brice Hopper 113
Bubba Leaver 110.5
Frank Gurosh 109.5
Ty Earwood 104
Lucas O’Brien 103.5
Kai Gillan-Johnson 101
Frankie Arnold 98.5
Curtis Leaver 95
Johnny Leaver 95
Gwen Glasrud 55.5
Garrett Glasrud 53.5
Valerie O’Brien 34