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Junior Anglers

Anderson’s Lodge – Home of GENERATION FISH – GENERATION NOW!

Remember the first time you went fishing and the thrill of that fish dancing at the end of your line? What is it about fishing that creates those family memories that will last a lifetime? Whether it was your grandfather, father, mother, a family friend – they took the opportunity to create these memories for you. Throughout the years these generations have been instrumental in giving you the passion you now have for this great sport and pastime. Now it’s your turn to fish with your children and grandchildren to give them the gift of memories that will be with them forever. So strong is our commitment to ensure that every element of your fishing vacation comes off “perfect”, we have created a program specifically for the youth that visit Anderson’s Lodge. This is a way to connect – at any age and we will help set the stage to develop the next generation- Generation Fish!

Upon check-in all youth (under 16 yrs.) will receive a registration package and a gift. Participants are asked to track the species and lengths of fish that they personally catch and release over the course of their stay. They will register their 5 largest fish (2 walleye, 2 pike , and 1 wild card) and the top three anglers who has the highest number of total inches at the end of the fishing season will be eligible for one of three top prizes. Everyone who participates in the program are entered into a draw to win a free trip in 2024.

Let’s go fishing kids!!!

kid holding fish in boat
junior angler holding fish
Congratulations to Weston Hannan, the winner of the free trip for 2024!!!
Congratulations to all participants – we hope you had fun!

Here are the 2023 Fishing Season Winners ~ who will the winners be in 2024?

1st Place
Max Kershner

2nd Place
Hank Luepke

3rd Place
Mason Lester

Thank you to all our Generation Fish participants. Here is the list of entrants that participated in 2023.

Participants Name Total Inches Released
Max Kershner 165.25
Hank Luepke 159
Mason Lester 156.75
Everett Purdy 143
Draven Alcorn 141.13
James Myers 141
Weston Hannan 141
Paxton Key 137.5
Mason Alexander 137
Carter Wasieleski 135.25
Owen Leifheit 134.5
Hayden Aultman 133.75
Sawyer Hollesen 133.5
Charles Thoreson 132.25
Bentley Wasieleski 132
Hunter Fort 131.5
Beau Mytty 130
Jack Thoreson 129.25
Eli Fleis 129.25
Weston Ford 127.5
Mason Fort 127
Colten Cairncross 124
Xander Hawkins 123
Brody Giberson 121.75
Gavin Price 121
Charles Taylor 119.5
Owen Fell 118
Ryan Schmidt 116
Luca Aytay 114
Alexander Hass 113.75
Logan VanGordon 112
Brian Ertel 111.25
Nora White 105.5
Nolan Bigler 105.25
Mason Howell 104
Nolan White 104
Eli Puchtel 103.75
George Kachelmeyer 103
Mia Vallonio 101
Jesse Leifheit 99.5
Madalyn Scebold 95
Sam Vallonio 78
Kayla McAleer 52.25
Oliver Olson 52
Cameron Kivinto 51.5