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Angler Award Programs

At Anderson’s Lodge we choose to participate in two awards programs, the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Catch and Release Program which is for our district only and Anderson’s Lodge own Junior Angler Award Program.

The Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Release Awards Program

For years, Anderson’s Lodge has promoted the Sioux Lookout Master Angler Release Awards program, with guide staff and guests supporting it fully. There’s nothing quite like bragging when you walk into the dining room that evening displaying your Angler Award Crest proudly! Anderson’s has been the top producer of any Lodge in the area since the inception of this program, proving that we can consistently provide great fishing for our guests year after year. See the list of our guests that have caught and released qualifying fish on our Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Page.

Our World Class Fishery is producing results!  Solid numbers of trophy size fish are being caught and released from May to September.  Putting our guests on trophy fish is what we strive to do and the Sioux Lookout area lakes present the best opportunity to catch trophy fish that qualify for the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Release Awards Program.  The expansive list is a testament to our guests’ success this past season!

With the knowledge and skill of our guide staff, coupled with the fertile waters we fish, our guests are registering Trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Muskie.  You will catch a lot of fish and your chances of catching big fish are even better with us.

Releasing these trophy fish means improving your chances of catch another Master Angler qualifying fish the next time you fish with us.  This program guarantees quality fishing in both numbers and size for your World Class angling experience.  Upon registering your released trophy, you will receive a crest to recognize you for your angling pursuits and your catch will also be included in the Master Angler Report on the Sioux Lookout Master Angler website.  Anderson’s Lodge pays our registered guests registration fee – not a penny out of your pocket!

Congratulations to all our 2023 participants and good luck in 2024!

Anderson’s Lodge Junior Angler Awards

Remember the first time you went fishing and the thrill of that first fish dancing at the end of your line? What is it about fishing that creates family memories that last a lifetime? Whether it was your grandfather, father or mother, a family friend – they took the opportunity to create these memories for you. Through the years, these generations have been instrumental in giving you the passion you now have for this great sport and pastime.

Now it is your turn to fish with your children, and give them the gift of memories that will last forever. So strong is our commitment to ensure that every element of your fishing vacation comes off “perfect”, we have created a program specifically for the youth that visit Anderson’s Lodge – providing a positive experience that is challenging and exciting! This is a way to connect – at any age and we will help set the stage to develop the next generation – Generation Fish!

How the Program Works

Any person under the age of 16 is encouraged to participate. Upon check in, all youth will receive a package, which includes a registration form, scrap paper and pencil, and a t-shirt. Participants will be able to track the species and the length of fish that they personally catch over the course of their stay. They must then register their five largest fish ; 2 largest Northern Pike, 2 largest Walleye and a Wild Card fish but the Wild Card can’t be a 3rd Walleye or Northern Pike.  The top three anglers, who have the highest total number of inches at the end of their fishing season, will be eligible to win one of three top prizes. Plus, all participants are eligible to win a Free Fishing Trip in 2024!

Check out the Junior Angler results and photos from the 2023 season here:

Junior Anglers  Best of luck to all Junior Anglers in 2024!