Tully Lake Fishing Outpost

Sioux Lookout has some of the best fresh water fishing in the world. Recognized as the “Walleye Capital of the World”, fishermen from around the globe hold the area lakes in highest regard as the most productive in size and number compared to any area in North America. With five species – Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie and Lake Trout, the area provides anglers with choices not often found in other places. Walleye and Smallmouth are species most often fished by anglers. But there are opportunities with the other three species that you should not overlook. It’s rare that there is ever a new opportunity and this new place is one!

If you are looking for something new and different,Tully Lake Ontario Outpost Fishing then this is something you just gotta try. If you are a keen Northern Pike fisherman or a Lake Trout fanatic, you need to do this at least once in your life! Even if you’re not you should try it! You may have never seen and may never see action like this again.

On a short flight from Sioux Lookout, there are a couple of lakes different from anything else in the area. A small creek runs through a peninsula separating Tully and Store lakes. This was a perfectly natural place for us to construct this new outpost. With boats on both lakes, your biggest problem in the morning is deciding which lake to fish! Store Lake, is where without a doubt you will catch more Northern Pike in one day than you can in a week anywhere else. Northern Pike pretty much “at will!” Or, should you go to Tully and catch Lakers at a rate unheard of anywhere else? On lots of lakes 4 to 6 Lakers a day is considered good. Without working hard, it’s easy to catch 20 to 30 in a day.

There is no one else there – just you, the eagles (they nest there yearly), some moose, the odd bear and the haunting call of the loons. This outpost is an exciting, remote place where the fishing is “truly nuts” and it’s going to stay that way forever with all angling on artificial, barb-less lures only. This outpost allows for Conservation Limits for Northern Pike (2) and Lake Trout (1). We open the camp on June 1st each year, to give the Northern Pike a chance to spawn and close it by September 15th so the Lake Trout can spawn.

Of course fishing is the biggest part of the experience, but it’s enhanced to the fullest by the new facility we built there. Look at the pictures – state of the art for outposts. Hot and cold running water to your indoor shower, trouble free solar lights throughout the cabin, a screened porch, and fish-cleaning house. New propane refrigerator, freezer, water heater, deep freeze and BBQ. Finally the best in beds – new box spring and mattresses by Simmons for a perfect nights sleep.

If you’re into remote and nature at its best – this is for you! You’ll never forget Tully and Store Lakes.

Lodging & Fishing in Tully Lake Ontario

Your outpost package includes your transportation to and from the outpost via float plane from our main lodge, 14′ Lunds with 9.9 h.p. engines (2 people per boat), all mixed gasoline, cabin accommodations and unlimited amounts of ice. You need only to bring your personal gear, fishing rod, tackle and groceries. Fishing licenses can be ordered through the lodge prior to flying in. For those wanting to have groceries packed and ready for them, you need only to mail or fax your list and we will provide this service at no additional cost.

Tully Lake Outpost

Per Person 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
# People CAN. U.S. (APPROX.) CAN. U.S. (APPROX.) Can. U.S. (APPROX.) Can. U.S. (APPROX.) Can. U.S. (APPROX.)
8 People $1,149 $957 $1,390 $1,159 $1,632 $1,360 $1,874 $1,562 $2,116 $1,763
7 People $1,180 $983 $1,422 $1,185 $1,664 $1,387 $1,906 $1,588 $2,148 $1,790
6 People $1,216 $1,013 $1,457 $1,215 $1,699 $1,416 $1,941 $1,618 $2,183 $1,819
5 People $1,255 $1,046 $1,497 $1,247 $1,739 $1,449 $1,981 $1,651 $2,223 $1,852
4 People $1,318 $1,098 $1,560 $1,300 $1,802 $1,501 $2,043 $1,703 $2,285 $1,904

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