Meet Your Professional Service Team

We believe the key ingredient to a successful business is “people”. We attribute our success over the years to dedication and the sense of pride all of our staff has brought with them.  With a genuine interest in our customer’s satisfaction, Jackie and Jody have been part of a professional team that strives for the excellence that has built Anderson’s Lodge as a Premier Canadian Fishing Lodge.  All of our staff bring with them qualities, when combined form the finest management team in the industry; devoted to you and our business year round!

Jackie Duhamel

Jody Morin

“Putting it all on the line for you is something Anderson’s Lodge has done for years! Instilled in us were the grass root principles of hard work and dedication, coupled with professionalism and simply a sincere devotion to our business. This inspires our commitment to our guests, being on the front line daily to deliver the best packages in the industry! We believe the key ingredient to a successful business are the people ~ from Chefs , Dining Room Staff, Guides, Dock Hands and Managers – one year to the next, building on our team of dedicated professionals has been successful and allows us the challenge to deliver unsurpassed Canadian fishing vacation experiences! We invite you to join us this coming season!”

Aaron Haagsmaa

“Whether you will be joining us to fish at the Main Lodge or from our Fly-In Outposts you can count on one thing …as your service team we will do everything that we possibly can to make your fishing trip the best vacation you have ever experienced.”

Rick Young

“Whether it is your first time fishing with us or you are a returning guest, we will go above and beyond to ensure your fishing vacation experience is 1st class in every way.  Providing you with the best experience is what we do and we are excited to have you join us this season!”

We are committed to ensuring your vacation experience is a truly memorable one, perfect in every aspect!  We know we have done our job right when guests reserve dates for the following season upon their departure and when they thank us for our hospitality as if they were personal guests in our home.  Really, if you think about it, this is our home and we have invited you to share the paradise we are so fortunate to live in.  Sharing what you love with people as a career, is a privilege few experience.  When people need to get away from the hustle and bustle of their every day life, where do they go?  They come here!  When we think about that, we are grateful for the opportunity to work in a place considered to be sanctity from life’s stresses!

Our shared passion for what our part of Canada has to offer ensures our customers have chosen a trip with operators who understand what they are looking for – and make sure they get it!  Let us host your next Canadian fishing vacation and you will see what it is all about!

About Jackie

Born and raised in Dryden, Ontario; Jackie had spent many summers fishing at her family’s cabin on Lac Seul.  Her love for the outdoors and experience in facility management made the short trek to Sioux Lookout an easy one.  With a Diploma in Recreation Management, Jackie joined the Anderson’s team in 1989.  With years in the “trenches” she developed skills and expertise in the areas of Public Relations, Customer Service, Marketing & Sales; Finance along with Food and Beverage. With a strong work ethic, her sincerity and drive for perfection is communicated daily through her interest in all of her guests.   In 2007, she joined forces with long time co-worker, Jody Morin purchasing the Lodge they were an integral part of managing and help build.

About Jody

Born in Northern Quebec and moving to Sarnia, Ontario in the early 80’s, the dream of returning to the northern life and being a fishing guide brought Jody to Anderson’s Lodge in 1990.  Guiding for five seasons while completing his Diploma’s in Fish & Wildlife Management and Aquaculture, he soon was invited to be part of the management team. His long-time high school sweetheart Sarah then moved to Sioux Lookout, they married in 96’ and he is the proud father of twin daughters Emily and Alexandra.  Over the years he developed skills and expertise in Marketing and Sales, Public Relations, Finance, along with Food and Beverage;  his determination, strong work ethic coupled with vast knowledge in Fisheries Management makes him a true leader.  Ownership with long time co-worker Jackie Duhamel has completed his goal/dream of owning a Fishing Lodge.

About Aaron

Aaron joined Anderson’s in 1999 as a Dock Hand and Fishing Guide for 3 seasons while still in College for Aviation Management.  After a five year stint working in the Aviation industry, he returned to Anderson’s and joined us full time as our Maintenance Manager. From lodge and cabin maintenance to Outpost camp work, yard and docks, boats and engines – there isn’t much he hasn’t tackled.  With 20 years in the “trenches” he too knows the value of having 1st Class cabins and equipment to compliment the outstanding customer service Anderson’s provides.

About Rick

Rick joined the Anderson’s team in 2003 as a fishing guide and later transitioned into the office during the off-season. It was here that he met his wife Meredith – she as a server and he as a fishing guide.  After five years as a paramedic, he realized where his heart was and is now back with the Anderson’s team as a full-time manager.  He brings over 25 years experience in the customer service industry as a dock hand, fishing guide and office manager.  He is now excited to do his part to provide an unforgettable fishing vacation experience to our guests.