Mike Rowland

Jackie & Jody: Thank you for making Brian’s and my time at the lodge memorable. The accommodations and food both in quality and quantity were only exceeded by the exceptional customer service provided by you and your staff.

Jeremy: Your guiding skills are amazing. So is your cooking. Best of all I enjoyed the stories and bantering. It truly was a perfect match of personalities and senses of humor. Thank you for helping me as much as you did. It’s hard to accept the loss of balance, and aches and pains that comes with getting old….. All this is why I wanted this to be a special time for Brian (and me). You can’t take the future for granted and you and everyone delivered.

Enough of the sappy stuff. I may have to send multiple emails with pictures. Good luck to all this season. We’ll be back one day as the big pikes and walleyes are still out there worthy of a patch.