Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing

DESCRIPTION: These ferocious fish average from 25 inches to 36 inches in length, with many being caught at 40+ inches. Locally known as a “jackfish”, this species is somewhat torpedo shaped and green in colour with white spots along its sides. As a distinct predator, its large eyes sit high on its broad head, and has a large mouth with many razor sharp teeth. This fish has a row of tiny pores under its lower jaw which usually amounts to 5 on each side, never exceeding 11. This is the most definite key characteristic to use in differentiating between a Northern Pike and a Muskie.

DISTRIBUTION: Northern Pike are found on all 9 lakes that we fish, but greater numbers exist on Lac Seul, Abram, Pelican, and Minnitaki Lakes. They spawn in early spring when water temperatures are 40° F to 52° F, usually immediately after ice-out. As the weed beds grow in shallow bays, the Northern Pike settle into them where they find cover and abundant prey. They are also caught in deep waters (often while jigging for Walleyes) and on sand bars where they like to sun themselves. Fall initiates these fish to move from the weed beds to rocky points and deeper waters where they forage heavily for the coming winter months.

ANGLING METHOD: Being well known for its voracious appetite, this fish will go after anything! The most productive method of fishing for this species is to cast for them using various types of spoons. A description of the most common baits used can be seen below. In early spring and late fall, trolling crankbaits is also very productive in luring these fish onto your line.

Lac Seul, Minnitaki, Abram and Pelican Lakes all produce trophy Northern Pike fishing in Ontario. Most of our trophy Northern Pike do come from Lac Seul due to the fact that Lac Seul is a larger body of water and we fish it more extensively than some of the other lakes because of the tremendous trophy Walleye fishing opportunities. All 9 lakes we fish have very good Northern Pike populations. Like our Lac Seul Walleye fishing, many of our trophy Northern Pike are caught by guests staying in our Lac Seul Fly-in Outposts. Our Tully Lake Outpost offers you spectacular Northern Pike fishing where catching 50-75 Northern Pike (per fisherman) in one day is not uncommon.


Angling Experience Suggested Tackle
All Experience Levels 1/2 oz. to 3/4 oz. spoons are the common baits. Spoons include: Little Cleos, Dare Devils, Silver Minnows, Doctor Spoons – all of which are available in various colours. The key here is to have a variety of baits, some of which are shiny and put off a flash on a sunny day (silver gold, copper – all of which can be accented with a second colour), others that are bright for the darker days ( five of diamonds, chartreuse, red and white, black and white, florescent colours). Also, try some Mepps Spinners (#4’s), Spinner baits, and Crankbaits for early spring and late fall.* It is strongly suggested to use a wire leader when fishing for pike. 9-12 inch lengths are most common.


Angling Experience Suggested Equipment
Novice ROD: 6′ to 6’6 in length, one or two piece, heavy action, Spinning rod
REEL: Spinning reel with the capacity for approximately 200 yards of 10 lb. test of 165 yards of 12 lb. Test
LINE: Trilene (or similar) 14 lb. to 17 lb. Test
Seasoned ROD: 6′ to 7′ in length, one or two piece, medium-heavy to heavy action, Spinning or Casting rod.
REEL: spinning or baitcasting reel with the capacity for approximately 165 yards of 12 lb. test or 130 yards of 17 lb. Test
LINE: Trilene XL (or similar) 12 lb. to 15 lb. test.
Veteran ROD: 6′ to 7′ in length, one or two piece, medium to heavy action, Spinning or Casting rod.
REEL: Spinning or Baitcasting reel with the capacity for approximately 165 yards of 12 lb. test or 130 yards of 17 lb. Test
LINE: Trilene XL (or similar) 8 lb. to 12 lb. test.

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