Ontario Angler Awards

At Anderson’s Lodge we choose to participate in two Angler Award Programs. First, is the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Catch and Release Program which is for our district only. Second, is the O.F.A.H. Ontario Angler Awards. This program is for the entire Province of Ontario.

Additonal Information on these Programs

Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Release Awards Program

For years, Anderson’s Lodge has promoted this program, with guiding staff and guests supporting it fully. There’s nothing quite like the bragging when you walk into the dining room that evening displaying your Angler Award Crest proudly! Anderson’s has been the top producer of any Lodge in the area since the inception of this program, proving that we can consistently provide great fishing for our guests year after year. See the list of our guests that have caught and released qualifying fish on our Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Page

O.F.A.H. Ontario Angler Awards

Thank you to all our guests and guides who over the past 8 seasons have participated in the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters – ONTARIO ANGLER AWARDS.

In an effort to promote conservation throughout the Province of Ontario, the O.F.A.H produced a release awards program (very similar to the Sioux Lookout Master Angler Awards) to “serve as a vehicle to promote sport fishing in Ontario and to encourage the use of the wonderful sustainable resource with a friendly competitive twist”.

Anderson’s guests are already very familiar with the Sioux Lookout Districts Master Angler Release Awards Program, therefore are years ahead in their attitudes about conservation – protecting and sustaining our valuable fisheries resource. Our guests “jumped on board” immediately, appealing to their competitive spirit! We have set the standards high and over the past 9 years have entered thousands  of Qualifying fish – all RELEASED!  Over that period we have earned the title of “Lodge of the Year – Most Qualifying Entries” and have always been in the top 5 Lodges for most entries received and in the top 10 in at least one of if not more specie categories.  To check out these results, log onto www.ontarioanglerawards.com.

If there is any doubt in your mind about the quality of fishing opportunities provided to guests of Anderson’s Lodge – check out the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Page or take a look at the O.F.A.H. website at www.ontarioanglerawards.com for our guests catches and results this past season. Very impressive!

Qualifying Lengths for Angler Awards:
Species Sioux Lookout Awards O.F.A.H. Ontario Awards
Walleye 27.5 in 25 in
Northern Pike 40 in 30 in
Smallmouth Bass 19 in 17 in
Lake Trout 30 in 26 in
Muskie 44 in 36 in

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