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Walleye Fishing Trips in Ontario CanadaAnderson’s Lodge is committed to providing you with a quality fishing vacation! Bottom line – unlike others in the industry, we can do it all and do it exceptionally well! You have a choice of up to 9 different lakes to fish – Abram Lake, Minnitaki Lake, Pelican Lake, Lac Seul, Big Vermilion, Little Vermilion and its series of 3 connecting “sanctuary” lakes. Diversity of structure and habitat in these lakes, with depths up to 130 feet, and shallow bays at 4 feet provide for a unique variety of species, in both numbers and size! These include “fat, mouth- watering” Walleye, “football sized” Smallmouth Bass – fast, high-flying action at its best; aggressive Northern Pike, seizing the opportunity to “swipe” at a flashy spoon or decide that the Walleye that you are reeling in, is his lunch and without notice your line tightens and the drag starts to WHZZZZZZ……; Lake Trout that feed deep below the surface of our clean sparkling lakes and last but not least the ever “elusive” Muskie. We offer you the most thrilling Canadian fishing vacation experience -challenging the novice or the pro!

They say seeing is believing – well take a look for yourself! Our Photo Gallery Page just a small example of shore lunch caught for the day or records set in our Master Angler Release Awards Program. These are experiences created and memories shared, “action” to re-live over and over in stories told to future generations. These anglers include first time guests and many are families that have fished with us over the years, returning to experience the fantastic fishing Anderson’s lodge has to offer – and the experience never gets old!

Fly In Fishing OntarioIt’s all about fishing so first of all lets talk about Walleye. Abundant in our Canadian Shield waters, you will experience a fast action, great fighting fish and not just one but hundreds over the course of your trip. In fact so much action that “your arms will ache”! If you’re equipped with a light to medium action rod, with 6lb to 10lb test line and ¼ oz. to 3/8 oz. jigs – you’ve got the ticket! This green/gold coloured fish, is a true “gem” to our waters and its abundance in both numbers and size has lent itself to Lac Seul being honored with the title of “Walleye Capital of the World”!


What about Northern Pike? A dominant, almost ferocious force in our northern waters, this species is sought after from those looking to master the challenge of “fighting a fish”! This type of fishing provides you with an added “edge” to the competitive side of angling where some skill is required to safely land one of these babies. Its’ attention is captured by a quick “flash” of any kind- silver & blue, fire tiger, red & gold spoons, such as Little Cleos, Len Thompson and famous Dare Devils! Something as simple as a jig with a minnow in the right place at the right time has proven to be successful! The thrill is when it “hits and runs”! You’ll want medium to heavy spinning or casting gear for these predators. Put 10lb to 14lb test line – set your drag just so, and let the fight begin.

Smallmouth Bass is that feisty “fast action” little football that creates excitement like no other!Ranging in size from 14″ to 21″, many of our lakes host this species sometimes referred to as “Bronze Backs”. Ultra-light to light action spinning gear along with a combination of arsenal – crank baits, top water baits, or black 1/16 oz. to 1/8 oz. jigs tipped with a leech will ensure success.

Lake Trout is considered a “legendary” monster of the deep in some of our waters and on other lakes, a perfect size for a sumptuous “baked trout” dining experience. The Canadian Shield in Ontario is said to be one of the “last frontiers” providing healthy, abundant Lake Trout waters in the world. Typical of the Char family, these fish are silvery in appearance and have a good sense in keeping to the bottom once hooked, only to give glimpses of silver flashes when nearing the boat. The equipment used for Pike, makes the perfect outfit needed to reel in these babies.


The ever “evasive” Muskie will give you the fight of your life, an adrenaline rush like no other! We can provide this very special

woodangling experience (almost like hunting) for either the much sought after “Tiger Muskie” or the gorgeous “Silver Muskie”! These fish can range from 35″ to the 60″+ range! Truly world class fishing at its finest!

With the largest and most experienced professional guiding staff in the area, we will ensure your fishing success!

Fishing is what it’s all about and the experience of fishing with Anderson’s is truly about feelings of insurmountable excitement, thrills beyond belief, a day of working hard/playing hard, a personal confidence strengthened – of a challenge met and conquered! To experience “it all” in a playground so peaceful and sacred – one of the few places in the world left that has such natural beauty.

frenzel3We are so fortunate to be able to provide you with a trip like no other. Imagine a setting that lends itself to pristine, sparking clean waters. Quiet, peaceful, virgin forests, the scent of the forest – of morning dew, and as the sun rises the sweet smell of cedar and pine as the rays of the morning sun filters through the branches. As you settle into a secluded bay to fish- the gentle lapping sounds of the water against your boat, and as you quietly work your line …. that ever familiar sound of the white throated sparrow vying for someone’s attention, the incessant chatter of a squirrel, or that lonely “crooning” call of the loon – what a setting! What a perfect part of the world that you are able to experience with some of the world’s most incredible fishing! Astounding, spectacular sunsets in hues of pinks, blazing orange and calming yellows – a picture perfect postcard setting!

Anderson’s Lodge is your setting to experience this magic! From all-inclusive American Plan packages to Deluxe Fly-In Outpost packages we can accommodate any groups’ needs. New “top of the line” equipment every year including new Mercury engines and a 21′ Bowrider specifically designed for our guests! Sumptuous food including that amazing “shore lunch”, impeccably clean first class accommodations – nothing else like it in Sioux Lookout, and professional guiding and service staff that provide you with remarkable customer service – committed to providing you a quality fishing vacation. It’s all in the details and with a professional management team to ensure that all elements of your package are taken care of, we demonstrate exceptional organization and service excellence for you. Isn’t it about time to FISH?



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