Junior Anglers 2017

Anderson’s Lodge – Home of GENERATION FISH – GENERATION NOW!

2017 was our 12th year for the program and all anglers 16 years and younger were encouraged to participate. Upon check in, all youth received registration information and a gift. Participants were asked to track the species and the length of fish that they personally caught over the course of their stay.

They registered their five largest fish (2 largest Pike, 2 largest Walleye and a wild card) and the top three anglers, who had the highest total number of inches at the end of the fishing season, were eligible for one of three top prizes consisting of tackle and equipment. All participants in the program were eligible for a draw to win a free trip for next year. Below are the results.

Congratulations to Dominic Warren, the winner of the free trip for 2018!!!
Congratulations to all participants – we hope you had fun!

2017 Fishing Season Winners:

1st Place
Lydia Mueller

2nd Place
Caleb Mueller

3rd Place
Nick Peterson

Thank you to all our 2017 Generation Fish participants. Here is the list of entrants that participated this year.

Participants Name Total Inches Released
Lydia Mueller 149.5
Caleb Mueller 147
Nick Peterson 146
Bella Peterson 142
Davey Peterson 142
Brody McDaniel 136.75
Sawyer Hollesen 135.75
Quentin Duero 134.5
Trey Richardson 129
Cole Hanna 128
Ben Rempe 127.75
Sara Hanna 126.5
Bryan Wondisford 124.5
Connor Crowley 124
Dominic Warren 123
Stone Brody 123
Stephen Woollcombe 122
Grant Stucky 121.75
Liam Crowley 120
Andrew Breger 119.16
Geoffrey Woollcombe 118.5
Andrew Woollcombe 117
Aaron Dean 116
Tommy Fuglsang 114.75
Will Hannan 114
Chase Casper 113
Aiden Zortman 111.75
Landin King 110
Matthew Manacek 109.5
Owen Lynch 109.5
Carly Richardson 109
Robert Denora 109
Anthony Denora 108
Christopher Stirlen 108
Jack Christian 107.75
Ben Berger 107
Gray Nelson 107
Hope Stucky 106.75
Shepard Plamann 106.5
Eli Polacek 91
Alex Freeman 95.75
Robert Heinan 95.75
Michael Juhl 95
Frank Enser 92
Henry Heigh 88.75
Andrew Manacek 86.5
Bailey Dubois 84.5
Reid Dubois 72.5
Keera Wheeler 39
Henry Lemke 36